Myopia (nearsightedness) is an eye condition where objects at near are clear but objects at farther distances are blurry. This is largely due to the elongation of the eyeball causing the light rays to converge too strongly and fall in front of the retina. The rate and severity of myopia are growing rapidly worldwide. The causes have been linked to genetics, increased screen time and reduced outdoor activity during childhood. 


If your child is nearsighted, our optometrists can do more than prescribing a stronger eyeglass prescription. There are three main treatment options which are scientifically proven to control the rate of myopia progression:

1) Distance-Center Multifocal contact lenses — special soft lenses that have different powers in different zones of the lens to correct vision

2) Atropine eye drops — medicine designed to dilate the pupil and relax the focus center

3) Orthokeratology (“ortho-k”) — specially designed rigid contact lenses that are worn at night to prevent symptoms of myopia during the day

At False Creek Eye Care, we have based our treatment options on evidence-based protocols to ensure your child receives a customized plan. We currently offer both Multifocal Contact Lenses and sterile atropine eye drops as they are safe, effective and affordable treatments. 

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