After selecting your frames, we will guide you in choosing the best lens treatments to suit your needs and provide you with the clearest vision. Lenses can reduce eye strain, eliminate glare, and more. Our full-range of lens options include high index (thin) lenses, premium anti-reflective coatings, photochromic (transition) lenses, and much more.


Normal lenses often create glare, reflections and "ghost images" when light hits the lens surface. Reflections from the sun, television and computer screens and bright lights (especially when driving at night) can cause eye strain, headaches and difficulty seeing. Anti-reflective lenses increase the transmission of light through the lens up to 99.5 percent, which will improve your vision quality.


Lenses that are treated with a scratch-resistant coating result in a harder surface. Scratches not only affect the smooth look of the surface of your glasses but they can also disrupt your vision. A scratch-resistant coating adds an extra layer of protection on the surface of the lens to significantly reduce scratching. 

Ultraviolet BLOCKING

It is just as important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light exposure as it is your skin. This coating can turn standard lenses into UV blocking lenses that can block 100% of the UV light from entering your eyes. UV is linked to the development of a number of eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and retinal damage.


Blue light is emitted from all our electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, TVs, and even energy efficient light bulbs.  Overexposure to blue light can cause eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, dry eyes and blurred vision. A blue light filter on your glasses provides a shield that reduces the blue wavelength getting into your eyes. 


Polarized sunglasses provide 100% ultra violet protection and eliminate glare and reflection from the sun off shiny surfaces such as other cars, water and snow. Polarized lenses will increase visibility by reducing the glare. 

Photochromic (Transition) 

Special photochromic molecules embedded within this lens will turn your clear lenses into sunglasses when exposed to sunlight. The lenses darken automatically when you go outside and return to normal when you go back indoors. These lenses will also provide 100% ultra violet protection.